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Version 1.1.7

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Version 1.1.7 | Build 117 | May 03, 2019

How to update?

To update previous version to 117. You need to do some manual tasks.

  1. First and very important, keep a complete backup of your files and databases.
  2. Download zip copy from your profile and unzip directly in the server.
  3. In system/config/ folder you will find all configurations files. Remove .sample from the file name, so it would be like this-
File Name Rename to
workspace_default_settings.sample.php workspace_default_settings.php
email_templates.sample.php email_templates.php
sms_templates.sample.php sms_templates.php
payment_gateways.sample.php payment_gateways.php
permissions.sample.php permissions.php
social_sign_in.sample.php social_sign_in.php
transaction_categories.sample.php transaction_categories.php
transaction_payment_methods.sample.php transaction_payment_methods.php

Finally make necessary changes in config files. You do not need to edit Workspace model.

If you are having trouble updating, open a support ticket with cPanel / Server access, we would be happy to help you.

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