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Using built in Frontend

SaaS comes with some default pages.

Here is the file structures for the default pages-


In the folder you will find a file named base.tpl


This is the master layout file. You can edit this file to add new menu. editing the header and footer etc.

Here are some variables you can use in the file-

  • {$app_url} This is the full path of the application url. Example usage- <link href="{$app_url}/ui/theme/default/css/frontend.css?ver=a{$file_build}" rel="stylesheet">
  • {$base_url} or short form {$_url} This will be converted to base url. You will use this to link pages. Example usage- {$_url}pricing This will link to the pricing page.

The javascript file is minified with name frontend.js but you will find all related files are commented in the tpl file, which will not be shown by the end user.

Latest version of Bootstrap css framework is used for the frontend theme, so you can use any component from the Bootstrap.

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