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About Business Suite SaaS

CloudOnex Business Suite provides you with a variety of modules to help you to manage your business digitally. From your business financials to customer management, Invoicing, Billing, Customer support everything in one place.

And SaaS edition of Business Suite is for who wants to offer this solution to their customer to manage their own businesses. 

Key Features

  • Self Service Solution:
    For the convenience of your users, they are able to use your application and enjoy the service without the help of anyone else. The application is instantly accessible after registration. No installation is required. They will find the familiar interface
  • True multi-tenancy architecture:
    We have followed the best practice to design our software. We know, as your SaaS application becomes more popular, it should be able to serve tenants of all sizes & we have tested with millions of data. 
  • Scalability:
    To get started, you can even run it in even Shared Hosting. And when your customer grows you will be able to scale it to bigger server without any hassle.
  • Proven Solution:
    CloudOnex Business Suite is a proven solution & used by businesses all over the world. And the features of the SaaS edition comes from the Business Suite.
  • Customization:
    We provide full source code & we recommend to change the UI & design based on your needs so that it can look and feel Unique.
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