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Installation Guide

Things to Know Before Installing-

  • Checking to ensure that you and your web host have the minimum requirements to run Business Suite SaaS.
  • Downloading the most current version of Business Suite SaaS from the client portal


  • Download the latest version from CloudOnex client portal if you haven't already.
  • Create a database for the application on your web server, as well as a MySQL (or MariaDB) user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it.
  • Upload it in your server to the desired location.
  • Now navigate to the url where you have uploaded
  • Follow the on screen installation wizard to install 

Important informations-

Using separate frontend: If you will make different website for the frontend, for example you will use WordPress for the frontend, install it in sub directory or in sub domain. e.g. or 

Business Suite SaaS installation steps are same as Business Suite. Business suite is well-known for its ease of installation, you can check this how to install business suite-

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