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Configuration Guide

When a user signed up for the SaaS edition, the system creates the default data for the user. Based on your locale, you can set this default data by editing the configuration files.

All the configuration files are located in- system/config/ folder

Workspace Default Settings

This is the default configurations file of Workspace. When user sign up, the system pull default data from here and add in the database. 

This path of this file- /system/config/workspace_default_settings.php

Available parameters here-

Usage Key Default value Other Possible Values
Free Trial Days free_trial_days 30 Any numbers. For example 14 for 14 days trial.
Default Currency Code currency_code $ Currency code based on your locale.
Default Language language en See available language codes
Theme theme default If you create custom theme folder, you can set it here.
Theme Style theme_style light_blue Theme color
Decimal Point decimal_point . . or ,
Thousands Separator thousands_separator , , or .
Country country United States Full country name. 
Country code country_code US Use iso country code with capital letter here.
Timezone timezone America/New_York See available timezone.
Date Format date_format Y-m-d Y-m-d d/m/Y d.m.Y d-m-Y m/d/Y Y/m/d Y-m-d
Default Address address CloudOnex 1101 Marina Villae Parkway, Suite 201Alameda, California 94501United State You can keep it blank or add a default address here.
Networth GoalThis will be shown in the Dashboard.  networth_goal 350000 Any numbers.
System Email system_email [email protected] Any email
PDF Font pdf_font dejavusanscondensed Font to use when creating pdf. This font must be available in the pdf library fonts directory. If you are unsure, do not change this.
Accounting accounting 1 1 = Enabled0 = Disabled
Invoicing invoicing 1 Same
Quotes quotes 1 Same
Home Currency home_currency USD Use iso currency code here.
Dashboard dashboard canvas For advance use. If you want to use customized version of dashboard. Do not change this, if you are not sure.
Graph Primary Color graph_primary_color 00a2e5 Color hex code without # 
Graph Secondary Color graph_secondary_color eb3c00 Same as above
Default Logo logo_default logo_***.png the png logo file name. Before changing this, put your own logo in /storage/system/ folder.
Default Inverse Logo logo_inverse logo_inverse_***.png Same as above
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