SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway Plugin

SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway Plugin

This is the plugin for the business suite to get payment using SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway.

How to configure SSLCommerz Plugin?


Go to Settings -> Plugins. Then drop the plugin zip file. You will see it on the plugin list. Next, click “Activate.” 

If PHP unzips function is not available on your Server, you may unzip the plugin on your computer and then put the plugin folder in the apps directory.

After activating the plugin, you will see “SSLCOMMERZ” on your payment gateway list in Settings -> Payment Gateways.

List of Payment Gateways with SSLCOMMERZ


Now configure it as follows-

Name: “Pay Online via SSLCOMMERZ” you can change it to “Pay via Debit/Credit Card” or anything else. This text will show when the customer pays you on the view invoice page.

Store ID: Input your store id from the SSLCOMMERZ dashboard.

Store Password: Input the store password.

Status: Set Status to “Active”

Mode: Set “Sandbox” if you use the Sandbox credential and “Live” if you are using the live credential.

Click “Save.”

Now, your customer will see the payment method when paying. You can test it by creating a sample invoice.