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What is iBilling ?

iBilling is standalone self hosted business management software. A simpler yet powerful solution for digitally manage business finance, customers, sales, orders, marketing, and more in a whole new way. It's a proven solutions to manage business efficiently.

What does iBilling do?

Here is the some key features comes with iBilling-

  • Get insight into your business.
  • Easy Accounting.
  • Manage customers efficiently.
  • Know your business net worth.
  • Create and send electronic invoice.
  • Get paid instantly.
  • Record incomes and expenses.
  • Send email to customers.
  • Record activity & interactions with customers.
  • Manage orders for your products and service.
  • Store files / documents and assign to customers.
  • Record transactions related to your customers.
  • Create and send quotes.
  • Create shared calendar for your business.
  • Create multiple users and assign Roles.
  • Create customer groups and send bulk email.
  • Create customer companies and add customers under company.
  • See all your bank / cash balances in one single view.
  • Generate bank statements.
  • Know your incomes vs expenses.
  • Know your business performances by date.
  • Client portal.
  • Use / translate it for your own language.
  • Do more by building custom plugin.
  • Integrate with other services using API.
  • And do much more with hooks, api & in built other features.

Need, more features than iBilling ? Try Business Suite.

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