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Build 4802

  • Fixed: Quote pdf bug
  • Fixed: Page redirection to update schema
  • Fixed: An issue with creating order from the admin panel

Build 4801

If you are using plugins please note that plugin path has been changed
You will have to update the path application/plugins/ to apps/

  • Fixed an issue with email attachments
  • Fixed an issue when deleting transactions
  • Updated plugins supports
  • Fixed various issues reported by users
  • Updated libraries
  • Optimized for PHP 7
  • Optimized javascript & css, removed unused javascript and css files, optimized, it’s now tested up to 40% faster loading time

Build 4700

  • Updated libraries
  • Optimized for PHP 7
  • Optimized javascript & css, removed unused javascript and css files, optimized, it’s now tested up to 40% faster loading time

Build 4670

  • Fixed a issue with update server url
  • Fixed issue with MySQL strict mode enabled server

Build 4670

  • Updated some javascript libraries
  • Added Laravel illuminate database orm for developers
  • Code optimized for better performance

Build 4620

  • Added Invoice Copy Option
  • Improvements of Companies
  • Fixed issue with some Role Based Authentications
  • Updated few PHP & Javascript Libraries
  • Fixed an issue with Automatic Updates
  • German Language Updated By - Ralf Eßbaumer

Build 4611

  • Fixed Localization for Event Calendar

V: 4.6.0 Date: November 15, 2016

If you are using automatic update, you are already using latest version.

  • Added Multi Currency Support for Invoice
  • Added Role Based Authentication
  • Added Event Calendar Feature
  • Added Option to Store Companies
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Added Payments Sub Menu under Sales to track Invoice Payments
  • Added Option to attach file in Deposit or Expense
  • Added New Right Sidebar
  • Added Integration Code Sample under utilities
  • Added System status menu under Utilities
  • Added Invoice Status Progress Bar in Dashboard
  • Improved Localisations for Time
  • Fixed Invoice Terms was not showing when editing Invoice
  • Fixed dashboard Current Month chart
  • Now It’s possible to use Bigger Logo for PDF Invoice, simply re upload your logo based on your required logo size.
  • Fixed an issue with Invoice & Quote PDF when sending through Email attachments.
  • Fixed issue with Currency format in Accounting Snapshot CRON
  • Fixed issue with Currency format in Printer Friendly Invoice Version
  • Added Indonesian Language
  • New Feature: Generate Auto Login URL for Customer & Login as Customer
  • New Feature: Orders
  • New Feature: Documents [ File upload for Customers ]
  • Added ability to Create Invoice from Customer Profile
  • Added Quote Tab in Client Profile
  • Added separate button for Quote in client portal - PDF view & Download
  • Added option to edit Contacts Activity
  • Added wysiwyg editor Contacts Activity
  • Added Vi Language
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Added, Accept / Decline Button for Quote in Client Portal
  • Fix small bugs, showing error when MySQL strict mode enabled
  • Updated Language File - Portugues Brasileiro by Denison C. Junior [ ]
  • Added option to Prevent duplicate phone numbers in Contacts
  • List Customers, User Interface Improvements
  • Automatic Login, You will not have to login each time, unless you logout like GMAIL.

Dev Changes
Database Structure Changes - invoices table, transactions table, users table, customers table.
sysfrm renamed to application
uploads renamed to storage
lanugage (lan) folder renamed to i18n

V: 4.5.0 Date: August 16, 2016

Fixed: An issue with TAX row was not showing in quote
Added Google Recaptcha for Client Portal, Can be enable disable from Settings -> General Settings
Added option to add invoice item using wysiwyg editor
Added option to update the software automatically
User Interface Improvements

V: 4.4.0 Date: July 28, 2016

New: A new dashboard with Cash Flow [ You can revert back old dashboard from Settings -> General Settings and Choose “Legacy” from Dashboard dropdown. ]
New: Theme switcher from Dashboard. [ You will find this option in Dashboard Top Right Corner ]
Fixed: Few small issues reported by users

V: 4.3.0 Date: July 22, 2016

Fixed: An issue with rendering invoice
Fixed: Use avatar is not showing when uploading user avatar
Updated: French language file [ By- Jérôme Lille - ]
New: URL Rewriting. [ Setting -> General Setting. Experimental feature, please do not enable on Live server for now, need more testing ]

V: 4.2.0 Date: July 21, 2016

  • Fixed: An issue with updating from previous version
  • New: Supports action hooks for customization - For details:
  • New: Quote Email can be send to CC and BCC
  • New: Quote can be attached as PDF in email
  • New: Filter Search option in quotes
  • Fixed: Now it’s possible to add Contact / Customer with same name
  • New: Count invoice next to Invoice Tab in Contact Profile
  • Added: Dutch language file [ Author: Marcel13 ]
  • New: Advanced Currency formatting [ Setting -> Localisation ]

V: 4.1.0 Date: July 12, 2016

  • New: Export Contacts CSV
  • New: Import Contacts / Clients from CSV File
  • New: Invoices CSV Export
  • New: Transactions CSV export
  • New: Attach PDF Invoice in email
  • New: Send email as Cc and Bcc when sending invoice email.
  • Added label color in invoice list based on invoice status
  • Fixed an issue with Reports by date
  • Added Thai Language Support
  • Added new font for PDF library
  • Updated Contacts Profile with faster loading
  • Rearranged Contacts Profile Tab
  • Adding Contacts ajax is more faster than before
  • Adding Custom Contact field ajax is more faster than before
  • Added new option to assign group for Contacts when adding Contacts
  • Added new menu under CRM named Groups to manage groups
  • New layout for Adding Customer / Contact form
  • New layout for wysiwyg editor for email sending, email templates editor
  • Updated ajax email template editor
  • New: Added Client Portal
  • New: Client Login / Registration
  • Added option to choose default landing page [ Admin Login or Client Login page ]
  • Send Group Email

V: 4.0.0 Date: June 17, 2016

  • Added Option to choose from Light / Dark theme from Settings. Settings -> General Settings [ -> Style ]
  • Added Option to Advanced Searching and Sorting the Contacts / Customers. [ To enable Contacts -> List Contacts and Then Set view mode to Search from top right corner ]
  • Added Quick Links in Dashboard
  • Added Default Mini Navbar option in Settings -> User Interface
  • Added Option to Hide Footer Copyright Section in Settings -> User Interface
  • Updated Braintree Payment Gateway Library and Documentation. [ ]
  • Added Support for PHP composer for development
  • Added Option to Advanced Searching and Sorting Invoices. [ To Filter Invoices Sales -> Invoices [ Then Click Filter Button ]
  • Added Option for adding Account Number, Contact Person, Phone, Internet Banking URL for Bank / Cash Account. [ If you add Internet banking URL, a button will be appeared in Bank & Cash -> List Accounts to access the URL ]
  • Optimized php / javascript / css codes

V: 3.6.0 Date: November 16, 2015

  • This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Added: CRON Log Page [ Can be Access from Utilities -> CRON Log ]
  • Added: Recent Invoice Widget in the Dashboard
  • Added: Servian Language File [ Contributed by User: Aleksandar Keta ( alexk66 ) ]
  • Added: Turkish Language File [ Contributed by User: ilyasozkurt ( ) ]
  • Fix: Issue with calculating TAX when adding item with quantity more then One

V: 3.5.0 Date: September 16, 2015

  • This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Added: Payment Gateway Name Can be edited now
  • Added: SALT on Password Encryption Method
  • Added: More API Methods- Documentation is available here -
  • Updated: Bank / Cash Payment Gateway [ Contributed by User: Kurando ]
  • Fix: An issue with CSS [ Contributed by User: Kurando ]

V: 3.4.0 Date: September 11, 2015

  • This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Fix: An Issue with Schema update algorithm
  • Fix: An Issue with Discount and Tax for Invoice Creation
  • Fix: Company Name is not saving when Adding Contact through Invoice Creation Page
  • New: Introducing New Invoice Creation Method [Can be enable /disable from Settings -> General Settings]

V: 3.3.0 Date: September 04, 2015

  • This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes
  • New: Added Option for Default Invoice Terms Can be Add from Settings -> General Settings
  • New: Added a Sample Plugin Named “Notes” in the Plugin Directory, Plugin Creation Documentation is available here-
  • New: WYSIWYG editor for Adding Invoice Terms / Invoice Footer Contents
  • Added Automatic Invoice Creation Email Notification to Client [ To Enable Go to Settings -> General Settings, You will find this option in Additional Settings Section ]
  • Added Option to Delete Plugin from Admin Panel
  • Fixed few minor localisation’s issue

V: 3.2.0 Date: August 26, 2015

  • This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Translation in various pages
  • New: Added few more API methods which will be discussed on the iBilling forum
  • Added: French Language File. [ Author: Jérôme Lille | Author Email: [email protected] | Author Website: ]

V: 3.1.0 Date: August 04, 2015

  • Fixed: Translation in various pages
  • Fixed: An issue with Quote
  • Updated: Some javascript libraries
  • Updated: Plugin API
  • Fixed: JSON error for non english character in Email Message Logs & Activity Logs
  • New: Available option to upload Profile Picture for Admin. To Access, Go To My Account -> Edit Profile

V: 3.0.0 Date: July 22, 2015

  • New: API Support to connect with other application to Access - Go to Settings -> API Access
  • Fixed: Translation in various pages
  • Fixed: Custom Invoice Prefix and Number in List Invoices Page
  • Fixed: Issue with TAX when editing Quote
  • Fixed: Issue with PDF Quote
  • Fixed: UTF-8 Email Sending Issue
  • Added: Contacts View Mode - Tables & Cards
  • Added: Spanish Language File [Translated By - Diego Mora and David Calles]
  • Dev: sysfrm/vendors renamed to syfrm/lib
  • Dev: Added PHP composer autoload support - Added ./vendor/
  • Updated: Localisation file for Arabic Language [ By - Omar Harbi, Originally Translated By : SERAG ALZENTANI ]
  • Updated: Plugin Support
  • Fixed: An issue with Quote Email Template
  • Updated: Latest version to various jQuery Plugins
  • Updated: Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Added: Invoice Number in template variable in invoicing subject
  • Updated: Activity Events listeners in various actions for Plugin Development
  • Added: Hooks listeners, Routing directly to Plugin etc.
  • Updated: Database Scheema update algorithm

V: 2.4.0 Date: June 18, 2015

  • New Feature: Create & Manage Quote / Estimate / Propsal for Customer [Can be enable / disable this feature from Settings -> Choose Features]
  • Added: Plugin Support to Extend iBilling Functionality
  • Added: CCAvenue Payment Gateway ( Specially thanks to - Avinash Joshi - )
  • Added: Braintree Payment Gateway (Created by- Bernie Clark - )
  • Added: Choose Features option to enable / disable Features
  • Fixed: An issue showing categories when transferring fund between accounts
  • Fixed: An issue with Paypal IPN
  • Fixed: Issues with Localisations - Brazilian Portuguese Language - specially thanks to: sistemasbrasileiros [ ]
  • Fixed: An issue with date paginator - Incorrect Date Format
  • Fixed: An issue with Invoice Discount Modal
  • Fixed: Number & Date Formatting in various pages
  • Fixed: An issue with scheema update algorithm

V: 2.3.0 Date: June 18, 2015

  • Fixed: Payment Gateway Button will not be shown if all the payment gateways is disabled
  • Fixed: An issue showing categories when transferring fund between accounts
  • Fixed: An issue with Paypal IPN
  • Fixed: An issue with Localisations

V: 2.2.0 Date: June 8, 2015

  • New: Added Company Name for Invoicing and CRM [If Company Name is not blank in CRM contacts this will be shown in Invoice & Contact Name will be shown as ATTN: [Contact Name]
  • New: Added PDO set names utf8 in ORM
  • New: New design & layout for PDF invoice
  • New: Added option in settings to choose font for PDF
  • New: Added Language file Brazilian Portuguese Language, specially thanks to: sistemasbrasileiros [ ]
  • New: Added Language file for Arabic Language, specially thanks to: sergioali [ ]
  • New: Added Invoice Public URL link in View Invoice from Admin
  • New: Added row’s in invoicing so that it can be displayed “Total Paid” & “Amount Due” for Partial Payment
  • Fixed: Showing full amount in payment gateway for Partially Paid Invoice
  • Fixed: PDF Showing question mark in Currency Code if used localised currency code

V: 2.1.0 Date: June 4, 2015

  • New: Custom Contact Fields for CRM. To Add Custom Contact Fields, Added Menu Settings -> Custom Contact Fields
  • New: Added Option to show Custom Contact Fields in Invoice (e.g. VAT Number for EU Customers)
  • New: Added option for Automatic Database Schema Update for Upgrading iBilling
  • New: Added “Related Transactions” Section in Invoice Client Preview
  • New: Added Option to enable / disable Page loading Animation
  • New: RTL Support (Can be enable / disable from Settings -> General Setting [User Interface Section]
  • New: Discount option in Invoice
  • New: Few more invoice template variables (Lists available here-
  • New: New Optimized PDF library for better PDF creation
  • Fixed: Wrong currency format in Add Payment to Invoice
  • Fixed: Wrong currency format in Invoice Email
  • Fixed: An issue with User Access Control

V: 2.0.0 Date: May 19, 2015

  • New: UI & UX improvement with ajax page loading
  • New: Added Option to Search Customers from Top Navigation
  • New: Added Activity Log Notifications with Ajax Loader
  • New: Added Option to Create Customer Directly from Invoice Creation Page
  • New: Set Currency Format from Settings -> Localisation
  • New: Added Option to change system charset
  • New: Added Option to set invoice auto increment value
  • New: Added Option to add Invoice Prefix before Invoice Number

Date April 29, 2015

  • Fixed issue with invoice pdf generation wrong amount
  • Fixed issue with invoice partial payment
  • Fixed number formating issue with negetive number in balances
  • Fixed issue with item selection when editing invoice
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