How to configure StartupKit for your locale and language?

Changing User Language

Both Admin and user can change the language.

Admin/user panel

To change admin user language navigate to My Profile on the sidebar and select your language. The selected language will be set for the logged-in admin user.


Available Language

Currently, the software is translated into Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese(Br), and Romanian.

Language Files

Language files are located in app/resources/lang

Editing / Improving Language File

If you want to improve language files, find your language file in app/resources/lang folder & edit this file using any text editor. For example, to edit the french file, edit fr.json file.

Add New Language File

Following is an example of adding French.

Step 1. Translate the file.

Step 2. Go to app/models/user.php and 

Include your language like this ‘fr’ => ‘French’

in the public static $available_languages = [

‘en’ => ‘English’,

‘it’ => ‘Italian’,

‘ro’ => ‘Romanian’,

‘fr’ => ‘French’,


Now go to profile and you will be able to select your newly added language.

Please Note: If you add any new language give the language file to us. We will add it to the main folder otherwise you will have to do it manually each time you update.

Thank you so much for your contribution :)

How do I set timezone in Startupkit?

Sign in to startupkit and go to Profile. Select the timezone from the timezone dropdown field.

How do I change the currency in Startupkit?

To change the currency login to startupkit super admin portal and go to Settings, and you will find a field called currency, Write your desired currency in that field. Remember to write the currency code in the right form, It will always be in CAPITALS like USD, EUR, INR, SEK.