From here you can adapt iBilling to your language, date format, timezone, currency, currency display format etc.

Here you will find the following settings option:

Timezone: Set timezone based on area you live.

Default Country:  Set the default country. Based on this settings the country will be selected by default when you add new Contact.

Default Language: Change Application Language from here. Please note that, this software is not translated to other language yet. Currently Only available language is English. But if you want to translate this to your language, you can do so by editing translation file. You may contact us regarding this to learn more.

Decimal Point: Set the decimal point based on your local currency. (e.g. – “.”). You may also keep it blank.

Thousands Separator: Set the thousands Separator based on your local currency. (e.g. – “,”). You may also keep it blank.

Currency Code: Set Currency code or Symbol based on your local currency or currency you would like to use this software.

Important Notice Regarding Translation: Some string is missing in translation. Please Follow this instructions.
1) At first Translate All Strings
2) Check if any string is missing.
You can add this string in template file.
Template file is located here- (folder)
For Example, login page is generating from – ui/theme/softhash/login.tpl
Replace the Text – “Sign In” by {$_L[‘Login’]}