Add New Invoice: To Add New Invoice Navigate to Sales -> Add New Invoice

List Invoices:  Navigate to Sales -> Invoices

View Invoice:  Click The View Button to view Invoice

Send Email:  To Send Email Reminder to Customer.

Mark As: With this Group Button you may Mark Invoice as Paid, Unpaid, Partially Paid etc.

Add Payment: By Clicking this button a Modal Window will be open to Add Payment to Invoice. Once you have added a payment it will be appeared in transactions. If you add payment full (Total Invoice Due Amount), it will be automatically marked as Paid, Otherwise if you add less amount then invoice amount, It will be marked as Partially Paid.

PDF:  By clicking view PDF link, the invoice will be shown inside browser by embedding pdf. If you click download, the browser will be forced to download.

Print:  By clicking this link an another window will be open with printer friendly version of this invoice.