Transform your business with CloudOnex Cloud solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with our Cloud suite. CloudOnex is “cloud hosted”, which means you can use it wherever you have internet access. With CloudOnex, you can make better decisions, drive faster responses, and gain greater control over your business.

Manage Your Customers

Customers are the most important people for any organisation. It is the customer who creates demand for goods and services.
CloudOnex is a platform that allows you to maintain a focus on your customer in a faster, simpler way.

  • Log customer activity, e.g. Quote request, Phone call details etc.
  • Create & Send Invoice for Customer
  • Customer Portal
  • Assign downloadable files for customers with secure url. Customer will be able to download assigned files from customer portal
  • Add orders for your service / products for your customer. Orders with orders details (e.g. Order activation details) will be shown on customer portal
  • Send Quote / Proposals for your customers
  • Send email to your customer
  • Add profile image for customer
  • Log, track transactions for your customer & customer will be able to view it from customer portal
  • Send notifications, sms using hooks
  • Add even more features using Plugins


Business transactions are the interactions between businesses and their customers, vendors and others with whom they do business. It is the key element for any business. A business must record all business transactions to ensure complete and reliable information when the financial statements are prepared.

CloudOnex has innovative feature in order to maintain accurate account balances, to ensure accountability, to establish historical business activity data, and to provide information to decision-makers for determining business strategy.

  • Record business Income & Expense
  • Attach file with transaction
  • Assign transaction for customers
  • Track Bank & Cash Balances
  • Generate Reports based on Transactions
  • Generate your Business Cashflow in Dashboard
  • Know Income vs Expense
  • Record transactions against invoice
  • Know your net worth, your total available amount in all banks
  • Set goal for net worth in dashboard & achieve it
  • View Account statement
  • Income & Expense reports
  • Record Account to Account transfer
  • View Reports by date


CloudOnex Invoicing software is one of the best invoicing software in the market. It’s ready for both online & offline invoicing method. Create it, send it, get payment online. Or print it, give it to your customers. We have added innovative way to send invoice. Every invoice generates unique, secure invoice url. You can send it via email, messenger, live chat. So that customer does not need to login to view your invoice. Customer can pay invoice directly using this link.

  • Send Notification- Invoice Created, Payment reminder, Overdue notice, Payment confirmation etc.
  • Get paid faster with Online Payment gateways
  • Create invoice with wysiwyg editor
  • Add notes, payment terms in invoice
  • Add Payment to invoice, Record Partial Payment
  • View / Download PDF
  • Customizable invoice layout
  • Send SMS notification using hooks
  • Link to generate printable version of Invoice
  • Client can access all invoices from Client Portal
  • And add custom feature based on your business requirements using Plugin

Send Quote / Proposal / Estimates

Using CloudOnex, you can create beautiful quote with wysiwyg editor. Customer can accept it from Client Portal or using unique url. Later you can convert it to Invoice.

  • Create quote using wysiwyg editor
  • View / Download PDF
  • Send Email with quote
  • Convert it to invoice
  • Quote accessible from Client Portals
  • Customer can Accept or Decline Quote

Sample Quote Generated by iBilling

Manage Orders

Manage orders for your services or products. Send order activation welcome email from your Admin Portal.

  • Create Order for your existing services or products
  • Send order activation email, e.g. Hosting Account Details, Software License Details, your Consultancy service details etc.
  • Client can access all orders related to this client from client portal

Manage Documents

Upload files / documents & assign it for Customers. Customers will be able to view this in customer portal in “Downloads” section. Customer will get secure download link. In that way you can send files to customers.


Add business events in your calendar, so that your team will never miss a business events. There are so many usage case for calendar. e.g. Add date reminder for your recurring Bills for your business, add birthday event for your employees / team members etc.

Bank & Cash

Track all your Bank accounts from one single place. Know total balance, transactions, statement etc.

Products & Services

Create products & services, use it in Invoicing, Proposals, Orders etc.

Activity Logs

CloudOnex logs all your activity in your software with an innovative way. You can access it, & if you made any mistake, you will be able to undo it by checking here. It logs all login activity, transactions etc. You will find this under Utilities – > Activity Logs

Email Message Log

CloudOnex logs all email messages that sent from the system. To access this go to Utilities – > Emails Message log

Database Status

List all tables in your database with size. Backup your database right from the application.


CloudOnex logs all activity generated by crons. So that you can easily track your automation tasks.

Integration Code

CloudOnex has dynamically generated integration code based on your installation location, so that you can easily integrate with your existing websites.

System Status

Know your server details, system status right from the application.


For advanced users, CloudOnex has terminal feature. If your server support ssh commands, you can use it for Advanced administrative tasks. It has also some built in commands, e.g. – devmode, livemode for developers. To access this, Go to Utilities – > Terminal

User Interface

CloudOnex has option to control application User Interface. Change user interface, e.g. Content Animation, Copyright Notice, Sidebar etc.


Customize your logo, Add header, footer javascript etc. right from the application.

Built In Code Editor

CloudOnex has built in code editor to edit your Invoice Layout, Language File etc.


You can create custom theme for CloudOnex. Change theme style, e.g. light, dark, blue etc.

Plugins – The Unlimited Possibilities

One of the best feature of CloudOnex is Plugins. CloudOnex is modular application. We believe every business is unique. You may have some custom requirements & you want to do this using software. CloudOnex is here. You can add unlimited features using Plugin. iBilling is not a bloatware. It’s not loaded with confusing features that you will never need. It’s lightweight, it’s user friendly, it’s fast.


Action Hooks allow you to add your own code to CloudOnex. The code will run when specific events or actions occur inside the system. CloudOnex has over 100 different hook points. These you can tie custom code into.

To Learn more about CloudOnex hooks –


The CloudOnex API provides an interface to allow you to access and perform actions from external applications and scripts.

The API supports JSON as response type.

To Learn more about CloudOnex API-