Email Templates

Email Templates

The email templates allow you to customize the messages that go out to your customers when actions occur inside iBilling. Email that goes out from iBilling can be customized from here.

To edit an email template, go to Settings > Email Templates and click over name or subject you want to change.

All email variables is available in this format – {{variable_name}}

For Example {{business_name}} will replace with your Business Name, Company Name. {{invoice_amount}} will replace with actual invoice amount when sending email.

Available Variables in Invoice Email Templates:

{{name}} = Customer Name
{{customer_name}} = Customer Name
{{client_name}} = Customer Name
{{company}} = Customer Company Name
{{business_name}} = Your Business Name / Company Name
{{invoice_url}} = Customer Invoice URL. With this unique url, customer can view invoice & make payment
{{invoice_id}} = Invoice ID including Invoice Prefix if exist
{{invoice_status}} = Invoice Status (e.g. Paid, Unpaid, Partially Paid)
{{invoice_amount_paid}} = Paid Amount if invoice paid partially
{{invoice_due_amount}} = Due Amount if invoice paid partially
{{invoice_taxname}} = Tax Name applied to this invoice
{{invoice_tax_amount}} = Tax Amount for this invoice
{{invoice_tax_rate}} = Tax Rate applied to this invoice
{{invoice_subtotal}} = Subtotal Amount of this invoice
{{invoice_due_date}} = Invoice Due Date
{{invoice_date}} = Invoice Creation Date
{{invoice_amount}} = Invoice Total Amount