Automation Settings

Automation Settings

Setup the iBilling Cron Job – Login to your hosting control panel and set this up. Without it, iBilling will not automatically generate recurring invoices, send Accounting snapshots etc.

To Access automation settings go to Settings -> Automation Settings

Here you will find instructions based on your application url. Also an automation key is available for security. You may regenerate it, every time you regenerate, it will create a random unique id, and url will be changed.

iBilling has all possible CRON Job setup methods-

  • GET: You can use GET method and use dynamically generated url.
  • PHP file: Like all other frameworks, iBilling also handles all request using index.php file. You can create a cron job using that option. For example, it will generate a command for index.php file like this-
  • WGET: Use this if your server supports linux wget.

If you want to create a separate file to handle your cron job, just call GET method url using file_get_contents function.