iBilling API Documentation

The iBilling API provides an interface to allow you to access and perform actions from external applications and scripts.

The API supports JSON as response type.

Let’s Get Started with an Example-

Check Out the Above Code- http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/get_contact_details_by_email.php

Here You will get Few More Examples- http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/

You will need helper Class – ib.php

Contact me through Email to get ib.php [ Helper Class for iBilling API ]

Here is some built in methods –

  • get_contact_details_by_id : This will Return all details of this Contact / Customer
    Required Param: API key, contact id
  • get_contact_details_by_email : This will Return all details of this Contact / Customer
    required Param: API key, contact email
  • get_contact_details_by_token : This will Return all details of this Contact / Customer
    Required Param: API key, token
    token: Token is User specific Public Token, it will generate when user login through token. See – ‘login’ method
  • get_contacts : This will Return All Contacts / Customer
    required: API key
  • add_contact : This will Register Contact / Customer
    required: API key
  • get_invoices_by_contact_email : Returns all invoices for specific Customer identified by Email
    required: API key, email
  • login : login the Customer & Generate Public Key
  • logout : logout using customer login token
  • ib_info : get application info

More Examples:

  1. Registering Customer: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/register.php
  2. Login Customer: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/login.php
  3. Logout Customer: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/logout.php
  4. Get Contact Details by ID: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/get_contact_details_by_id.php
  5. Get Contact Details by login token: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/get_contact_details_by_token.php
  6. Get Customer Invoices by Email: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/get_invoices_by_contact_email.php
  7. Get Customer Invoices by Customer ID: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/get_invoices_by_contact_id.php
  8. Get Contact Details by Email: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/get_contact_details_by_email.php
  9. List Contacts: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/get_contacts.php
  10. Get Application Info: http://www.ibilling.io/api_test/get_app_info.php

If you need source code of above Example, you may send me an email using this page- http://codecanyon.net/user/sadiasharmin

Available Params for Registering Contact Through API:

  • account – Account Name Or Full Name of Customer / Contact [* Required ]
  • email – A Valid Email Address
  • password – Password String [You will send the plain password, system will generate hashed password]
  • phone – Phone Number
  • address – Address
  • city – City
  • zip – ZIP or Postal Code
  • state – State / Region
  • country – Country
  • company – Company
  • img – Customer / Contact Profile Picture URL. [Full image URL with http:// ]
  • tags – Comma separated tags [ e.g. abc,xyz ]